So the other day me and my younger brother ( he’s 19) were discussing the topic “WHY DO GIRLS SAY THEY WANT A GOOD GUY BUT ALWAYS FALL FOR A BAD GUY?”. This came about as we both watch this YouTube Channel called ‘BkChatLND’ where a young group of boys and girls have a topic each week and they share their opinions. Myself  and my brother got into a discussion about this & i thought i’d share our opinions ,so here they are. Let me know who you agree with the most and you own opinion on this subject.


Brothers Opinion:

“I believe that the question was not answered as everyone has a different definition of what a ‘bad boy’ is. They were all answering a different question due to the way they perceived it but anyway… My answer to the question is that girls do say that they want a ‘good guy’ but when he comes along, something is always missing. This could be a number of things such as money, sex game , reputation, popularity. Girls want a guy with a low body count but when the ‘D’ is not good, they then turn to the ‘bad guy’ who body count is high. I think girls have an image of the type of guy they want, but when that guy becomes an reality they don’t want them.. this is when they turn to the ‘bad guy’.A good guy is not always necessary timid or shy like Chioma ( one of the girls on the show) said. You can be a good guy and be confident, outgoing and a boss. I just believe that girls like to fix a ‘bad boys’ and try and mold them to want they want them to become.
If i was to agree with any of their comments on BkChatLDN, it would be Lucas’s statement along the lines that  the majority of girls at their teenage years fall for 5 types of guys and that’s a footballer, shotter (selling illegal substances), the funny guy: class clown, the bad guy/money man. I believe this is true,as I’ve witnessed this when i was in school and now in university. ”


Sisters Opinion (Yv)

“I just think that everyone’s answer to this question will be completely different as everyone’s interpretation of a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ boy is different. As a girl, if i see your characteristics are bad ,your manners or even your hygiene for example ,these as all bad traits or aspects as a person. That falls into the category of ‘bad’. I can be trying to get to know you and when i find out all these traits or opinions you have , your perspective in live is not what i consider to be right or ‘good’ that’s then shifts to wrong and ‘bad’. This is the same thing if a boy perceives themselves as a shotter and i don’t agree with that, it is a  bad thing. Now i do think every girl has been with a bad guy but that could be for several different reasons. When certain things are brought to light or we see how you are,we then start to make the decision whether this is ‘good’ or ‘bad’. To answer the actual question “Why do girls say they want the good guy but always fall for the bad guy?” I think that in the beginning when you fall for a guy you don’t know whether they are the ‘good’ or ‘bad’ guy. I know their persona and what they portray themselves as and how other may see  them, but you spend time getting to know the boy for yourself. Along the way you start to see how they are on a day to day basic, characteristic etc like i mentioned before and then you can start to make that decision on whether you like what you see and if they are that ‘good guy’ or’ bad guy’. !


This was obviously a short part of the discussion and our views and take on the question,.Let me know in comments below your opinion and if you agree or disagree with the statements above.


With Love, Yv




  1. I enjoyed this blog, I agree with Sean on the statement girls think they can get a bad guy and mold them into what they want to be… Which usually doesn’t work out for the girl. I agree with majority/all the points that were raised.

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  2. I agree with Yv because I think it’s basically the definition of what bad is in general, doing fraud selling drugs these are general bad things and girls fall for this because it’s what they are attracted too at the time but I do believe they do want you to grow out of it as this is where the changing a boy image comes from. A guy wont change unless he is ready to make that transition into a man by himself. Also it is girls that fall for bad boys the difference is woman fall for men who carry them self with a boss mentalities and that shouldn’t be mistaken as a bad boy just because he has confidence.

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