Feeling Down About Drake!

So guys i need to get my frustration and sadness out about my Bae Drake. I am a SUPER fan and of course there wasn’t a moment of doubt that when he announced her was doing the Boy Meets World Tour, I would be there. I purchased tickets the day they released, for the first tour date which was going to be in Amsterdam. This was brilliant for me as i got to go back to Amsterdam and see my love in one trip. Β Fast forwarding, as some of you may know i did go to Amsterdam but i did not get to see him as he rescheduled twice and then moved the date to March. After all the mixed emotions, near heart attacks, an unneeded trip and major cash lost i didn’t to see him so i got a refund and planned to buy a ticket for the London tour.

Fast forwarding to yesterday. The last London tour for Drake. Baring in mind he finally dropped his More Life album on the weekend, i knew he was going to pull out all the stops for this performance and of course he did. I tried all day at work to get tickets with my friend and it was just seeming impossible. People were selling tickets for ridiculous prices and time wise, i wouldn’t of made it.

The moral of the story is that i am VERY UPSET that i haven’t seen Drake. His London tour is over. I haven’t seen him.This is something i am still trying to come to terms with. To make things worse he brought out every artist i love. NICKI MINAJ , TREY SONGZ, GIGGS, & more. I just can’t deal. To everyone who got to see him, i hoped you enjoyed.

Let me know if you went to the BOY MEETS WORLD tour and how it was, and if you’ve ever seen him live.

With Love, Yv x



  1. Oh, I’m so sorry you didn’t get to see him. When I was younger I loved SUM 41 and they were supposed to come to Rock in Rio Lisbon and I bought the ticket just to see them. It was expensive for me being a teenager (about 60 euros I think) but I was so excited that was going to their concert. Unfortunately, on the day of the concert their drummer got hurt and they didn’t come. I about cried!

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  2. Awe! I am so sorry you missed out on seeing Drake perform, that’s totally not cool about the reschedules and oh my gosh! Tell me about those re-sellers, they are insane with their prices huh? Crazy thing is people actually fork out that money to buy these tickets so they just don’t stop but I know how frustrating that can be! Hopefully better luck next time. If your ever up for a further trip out to see him you should visit Toronto in the summer for the annual OVO Concert he does =)

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